Boothbay is known as the boating capital of New England because of unique and beautiful inlets, harbors and passages.

This coastline requires customized piers, ramps and docks to accommodate tides, weather, and rough shoreline access.

Ebenecook builds, repairs and replaces all shoreline structures so you, your guests and/or customers can enjoy boating in Maine.

Many projects require permitting and compliance with local, state and federal regulations. Ebenecook has decades of successful permitting experience and so can help customers manage the building project from planning to completion.

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Ebenecook Maritime designs and builds high-quality docks and piers for residential and commercial use.

We also regularly inspect pilings to ensure marine structures are safe and secure under the tide line and can replace when needed.

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Ebenecook can complete your shoreline or marine construction project with custom metal fabrication and precision welding.

With over 15 years experience in the steel industry, John has worked for international manufacturing brands, such as Liebherr Container Cranes and Irwin Tools. He also managed a construction team for the Maine-company, Cianbro.

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Ebenecook has provided reliable float and mooring service for over 300 customers in the Boothbay Harbor region since 1991.

The experienced team builds custom floats to suit your property and boating needs. It also provides annual service, seasonal storage and haul-out services. Prices depend on the size, materials and location for haul-out and storage.

Ebenecook also sets and services all size moorings. The company is committed to individualized service and fair pricing. We will inspect your float and moorings upon removal and provide options for repair or replacement.

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Ebenecook provides a range of storage services for floats, piers and moorings depending on need and location.

We also store customers floats in the protected Mill Cove at Ebenecook Maritime property from October/November - April/May.

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